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  1. gaijinkaiju

    Which game had a worse launch?

    Seen this question floating around lately, thought I'd see what you guys think. Personally, I'd say Anthem but that's because I actually quite enjoy both cyberpunk and 76, so naturally I'd be biased.
  2. gaijinkaiju

    Spider Man: Miles Morales (PS4) - My spidey sense is tingling

    Yeah, not much of a review for this one, I just wanted to use that title. Its pretty good. It's basically just a just a re-skin of the previous game, which is fine because I really enjoyed it. Combat is fine, It's just your standard brawler system ( Think the Arkham games) but it does start to...
  3. gaijinkaiju

    Call of Duty: Cold War (PS4)- The cold war is heating up

    Right, first things first. Why is this game so fucking huge?! Its taking up ~190gb (~250 on PS5). Do they not understand what compression and optimization are? Secondly. Why, when I've brought a physical copy, do I still need to download the campaign? I needed to download three separate files...
  4. gaijinkaiju

    The Last of Us Part 2 - A Review

    So its been nearly five months since The last of us Part 2 was released and I’m finally sitting down to play through it. I brought it on launch and it has sat, unplayed on my shelf for those five months because I had zero interest in dealing with what sounded like a long walking simulator and...
  5. gaijinkaiju

    I wasn't sure what to title this, but I wanted to complain about the PS5

    Yeah, wasn't sure what to title this. So the PS5 launches in a week or two, but honestly, I just have zero interest in it. I think the pricing is ridiculous. Yeah I get better parts, means higher price, but for the same price as a PS5 I could just get a better graphics card. I'm incredibly...
  6. gaijinkaiju

    why does youtuber merch suck?

    This is something I've been thinking about for awhile, but why does it suck? With a few exceptions, the majority is just their name or icon, or a phrase from a video and it just feels so uninspired. Whats so hard about putting in a little, just a little bit, of effort and creating something...
  7. gaijinkaiju

    MTG Arena has a few issues

    I've taken up playing MTG Arena lately, mostly because its more convenient then playing paper, but man, does it have issues. Technically it is free to play, unlike MTG Online which needs a $10 entry free to get full use, which is nice aside from the fact that they really want you to pay for...
  8. gaijinkaiju

    PS5 is thicc

    With a fan and heatsink that size I'd hope it runs quieter than the ps4
  9. gaijinkaiju

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Post your unpopular opinions here. Here's a few of mine to start: Preorders aren't entirely bad. I have zero issue with pre-ordering a game. Yeah, splitting up content to sell different versions or adding collectibles to ramp up the price is bad, but I still have no issue pre-ordering it. Its...
  10. gaijinkaiju

    PS5 showcase roundup

    https://blog.playstation.com/2020/09/16/playstation-5-launches-in-november-starting-at-399-for-ps5-digital-edition-and-499-for-ps5-with-ultra-hd-blu-ray-disc-drive/ So we've got a date and price for the ps5 now, and yeah, Launches roughly when I expected and is priced roughly what I was...
  11. gaijinkaiju

    Borderlands 3, more like Bored-erlands

    I do not like this game. I haven't finished the game, (as of writing, I've reached Athenas, the third planet you visit) but I do not care. This game is unenjoyable and the only reason I'm grinding my way through it, is because I want to cross it off my list. Once I finish, I'll likely never...
  12. gaijinkaiju

    Killzone: Shadow Fall - Video edition

    I'm back with another one of my review thingies, now with video. Releasing in 2013 alongside the PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall always came off to me as a tech demo for what the ps4 could be capable of, so I was never particularly interested in it. That and I’d never really played any of the other...
  13. gaijinkaiju

    Steam is apparently an extremist site now

    https://archive.is/iGnJ1 I don't even know what to say other than this
  14. gaijinkaiju

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

  15. gaijinkaiju

    Bad or Boring. Which is worse?

    Finished rage 2 recently and thought the whole thing was boring, but it got me thinking about what's worse. If a game is bad, or if its boring? Somthing can be bad but you can still enjoy it for one reason or the other, i.e GTA Online, but if somethings boring then you're obviously not enjoying...
  16. gaijinkaiju

    Donation of Server Minecraft Server

    Got a minecraft server setup IP - Just default vanilla minecraft. Survival mode, normal difficulty. Max capacity of 10 players at once, but Shouldn't be an issue for us.
  17. gaijinkaiju

    General movie thread

    Just making a general movie thread. Favourites/recomendations/ what have you seen lately, etc. Recently saw: Joker - Thought it was really good. Liked the plot-twist(not sure if that's the right word but close enough) around the middle part. Wasn't expecting it, especially when they then...
  18. gaijinkaiju

    E3 Cancelled (this year at-least..)

    https://nichegamer.com/2020/03/11/e3-2020-is-officially-cancelled-due-to-overwhelming-concerns-of-the-coronavirus/ And nothing of value was lost. On a more serious note, Personally I'm just kinda indifferent to E3, so this doesn't really bother me all that much
  19. gaijinkaiju

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) - Modern warfare for a modern era

    Yeah, not much to really say on this, its just more cod. Story was alright nothing astounding. Has some dialogue choices which I think is a first for cod, though I don't think they actually affect the story, as-well as some "branching paths" (idk what to call them) who can choose which...
  20. gaijinkaiju

    Fallout 76 wastelanders trailer and why I'm excited for it

    The trailer for the first major update to 76 dropped and boy am I excited for it. It doesn't show anything that wasn't already known via data mining and teases, but its still good to see. I will admit that the floaters look a little out of place, but I'll save my judgement for when it comes out...
  21. gaijinkaiju

    20 Games before 2020 #6 Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4 (PS4) and #7 Raiden V (PS4)

    Going to roll two games into one post because I didn't feel like I had enough to say about either to warrant their own #6 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Not really much to say on this one. Its bascially just a fighter/brawler set during the final arc of the anime (ten tails arc)...
  22. gaijinkaiju

    20 Games Before 2020 #5 - Just Cause 3 (PS4)

    Posting this a little early (still a got a couple of missions left), though I doubt much will change between now and when I finish it. I'm kinda annoyed its taken me this long to actually play through just cause 3. I'd pre-ordered it and played the first couple of missions before just kinda...
  23. gaijinkaiju

    20 Games Before 2020 #4 - Escape Dead Island (PS3)

    This has been the least enjoyable game I've played in awhile. Everything about it felt slow and clunky. Animations were stiff and mouths were slightly out of sync with dialogue. It also froze on me twice, requiring me to restart the console and continue from the last checkpoint. The only thing I...
  24. gaijinkaiju

    20 Games Before 2020 #3 Bioshock Inifinite (PS4)

    And finally the bioshock series is complete (minus dlc). I have kinda mixed feelings towards infinite, and I think that might because it feels like its less bioshock and more generic shooter. The regenerating health and shield really made fights feel easy, because I could just duck behind cover...
  25. gaijinkaiju

    20 Games Before 2020 #2 Bioshock 2 (PS4)

    Ah, another nostalgia trip since I haven't played this since about the same time as the first game. I consider this my favorite of the series, just on the grounds that I enjoy this the one the most. I do feel like it lost its visual direction a little bit though because periodically I'd feel...